Every year along with the Easter Rugby Tournament, some very local horse racing occurs. Alternating between Alice and Middeldrift and sponsored by local businesses. The races are run over distances of 10 and 15 kilometres. During the year the horses are used for tourism in the form of trail rides and for local functions and weddings.

The Prophet Nkwenkwe Nontetha

She was one of the remarkable figures to have emerged directly from the conflict between the contemporary and traditional in South African history. She founded the church of the Prophetess.  She wished to Africanize Christianity in the hope of transforming it into a historical bridge through which the African people could make a transition from tradition into modern day life.

Davidson Don Tengo Jabavu

Davidson Jabavu was born in 1885, a year after his father John Tengo Jabavu formed the Izimvo Zabantsundu as the first Xhosa publication. DDT Jabavu studied at Lovedale College and taught at the University of Fort Hare, establishing a number of community development organizations including the Farmers ľ Association.  This organization gained much influence with the establishment of the Fort Cox Agricultural College and Debe Post Office. Between 1944 and 1966 he taught many students who became prolific politicians, Robert Mugabe being his last surviving student. DDT Jabavu was an academic and author. His home may be visited by appointment.