Maybe this quaint little village was named after Captain Hogg, the commander of Fort Michel near Tordoone, or perhaps after the shape of the mountain peaks nearby. Whatever the reason, it only adds to the mystical feeling surrounding this beautiful, ethereal place of mountains, forests and waterfalls.

The Big Tree

Take a walk from main road to the Big Tree, a majestic 800 year old Yellowwood in the lush indigenous forest. The Narina Trogan, Orange Thrush, Bush Cap and other bird species have been spotted in the area.

Horse Trails

Choose an easy or more challenging trail through the beautiful forests and mountains or the quaint village of Hogsback. Ride during the day, at sunrise, sunset or under the full moon with friendly well-trained, easy to ride horses.


Founded in 1950, the Hobbiton Association provides outdoor education opportunities for all. It promotes environmental and social awareness, cross cultural appreciation and the development of life skills. Hobbiton offers abseiling, zip lines, hikes, game viewing walks, water based activities, orienteering and more.

Hiking and Biking

Hogsback is the perfect destination for those that love the outdoors, Head for the trails on foot, bring your mountain bike or hire one while youʼre here.

Labyrinth at The Edge

Experience the power of walking through the sacred geometry of the Chartres design eleven circuit labyrinth. The 1.4km walk from the outside to the centre and back makes it one of the worlds largest.

Madonna & Child Waterfall

People visit Hogsback to be closer to Mother Nature and a great many who arrive as visitors would surely want to stay. There is something about a waterfall that captivates the human spirit and draws you near. Set against such spectacular scenery, it makes for an unforgettable experience. Hogsback is blessed with many of these natural wonders.