Alice Tourist Information

An easy, casual place to “meat and eat” while visiting Alice. Choose you favourite cuts of meat and KK will prepare it over the coals.

Other traditional dishes are also available. Join him for a memorable local dining experience.

Lovedale College was built between 1876 and 1883 by stone masons from Scotland. Additional work was undertaken by the Lovedale Industrial Department students.

She was born in 1880 at the MacFarlane Mission in the Victoria district of Alice. She obtained a teachers certificate from Lovedale Girls School. In 1898, an experimental nurse's training school was opened for black nurses at the Lovedale Mission Hospital.

He is honoured as one of the most celebrated Xhosa hymn writers. He was a member of the Ngqika Mbamba clan and was born as Ntselamanzi, near Lovedale, on the 15th March 1855.

The University of Fort Hare opened its doors in the town of Alice in 1916 ‒ 60 years after thetown's founding, 76 years after neighboring Lovedale College came into existence, and 80 years after East London was established.

Dr James Stewart, affectionately known by African people as Somgxada (father), is honoured for providing a restorative and uplifting focus on education for black people in the aftermath of the Frontier Wars.

Situated in Alice, this is a memorial garden to honour all those who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom in the area.