As the Mayor of Raymond Mhlaba Municipality, I take liberty in extending warm and fraternal greetings to all readers of this brochure. It is our shared hope that this booklet will provide you with adequate tourism information to whet your appetite so that one day you may walk our land as one of our valued tourists.

This brochure highlights some of the many magnificent heritage sites, attractions, trails, adventure spots, eco-tourism, hospitality and unique arts and crafts which may be discovered during your visit to the Raymond Mhlaba Municipality. It is a great place, from the picturesque town of Hogsback to the rich heritage of the eight Wars of Resistance waged against the colonial conquest. We have three distinct educational institutions that meaningfully contributed to the development of our society by producing quality leaders who shaped and sharpened the world outlook. The University of Fort Hare, Lovedale College and Healdtown College are not only our treasures but are globally renowned academic institutions.

Raymond Mhlaba, is the home to the Victoria Hospital which was established in 1898 as the first Missionary Hospital in South Africa. It prides itself in having produced Cecilia Makiwane, the first black professional nurse in South Africa. The Victoria Hospital will be celebrating a 120 years of service in 2018.

The municipality is hosting the Bedford Garden Festival which is mainly focussing on showcasing the most beautiful gardens in the world, local handmade crafts and local artist's performances which attracts national and international visitors to Bedford. At the Katberg Hotel and Mountain Spa, visitors can experience the world class golf course, the clear sparkling rivers, soft green valleys, laughing waterfalls and forested ravines. Enjoy several different day walks, the two day Katberg Loop or the three day Katberg Hiking Trail located in Balfour.

The Maqoma Heritage Route takes visitors on a journey into the spirit of self-assertion, the configuration of self-respect and nature of dignity. Finally, the community of Raymond Mhlaba is our biggest attraction with a friendly, hospitable and welcoming attitude. Our visitors are guaranteed a warm and professional reception which becomes a memorable and enjoyable stay. Come and visit us soon.


The legendary Tata Raymond Mphakamisi Mhlaba, was born on the Picture of Raymond Mhlaba12 February 1920 in a village known as Mazoka in KwaNondyola, Fort Beaufort, he is the son of the soil of the Eastern Cape. In 1994, Raymond Mhlaba became the first Premier of the Eastern Cape Province.

The Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality is named after this legend; the municipality was established by the amalgamation of the Nkonkobe and Nxuba Local Municipalities in August 2016. The municipality is situated in the
 interland of the Amathole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape. It is a countryside municipality that includes the imposing and majestic Winterberg mountain range. The rural hinterland forms part of the municipal area, where farming plays a major role in the economic growth of the area.

The Raymond Mhlaba Municipal area, boasts small towns that have significant history that traces their stories back over 150 years. The rich heritage of these historic towns and the contribution they made and are making to the political, social, business and academic landscape of South Africa makes them an important national asset.


We proudly recommend our accredited tour guides to conduct tours for our visitors in Raymond Mhlaba, be it walking tours, historical tours, township tours or cultural tours. Please contact the following guides for all your tours in Raymond Mhlaba.

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