Office of the Municipal Manager

The Municipal Manager is the head of the municipal administration as well as being accounting officer for the purposes of financial management and accountability. As head of the administration, the municipal manager is responsible for the formation and development of an economical, effective, efficient and accountable administration, which is equipped to implement the IDP, operates within the municipality's performance management system, and is responsive to the needs of the local community to participate in municipal affairs (s 55(1) of the Systems Act). Section 55(1) makes the municipal manager's responsibility subject to the policy directions of the council: the municipal manager is not responsible for the policy, but for its implementation.

The municipal manager must manage the communication between the political structures and office-bearers and the administration (s 55(1)(j) of the Systems Act). Instructions, queries and other forms of communication from the council, committees, the (executive) mayor or the speaker to the administration cannot bypass the municipal manager's office, because the municipal manager is accountable for the entire municipal administration (s 51(i) of the Systems Act). In the event of such information being communicated directly to officials or departments, the municipality would have to establish procedures to ensure that the municipal manager is informed accordingly. Such procedures should stipulate the level of detail required for the municipal manager to answer to his or her accountability towards the council. A delegation that has the effect of enabling the (executive) mayor or executive committee to issue instructions directly to officials other than the municipal manager, would effectively disable the accountability of the municipal manager to the council (s 51(i) of the Systems Act).

It would therefore run contrary to the scheme envisaged by the legislation.
• The municipal manager must drive the preparation of the municipality's annual report
• The actual implementation of the performance management system would be most appropriately placed in the office of the municipal manager.
• The municipal manager is responsible for the provision of services to the local community in a sustainable and equitable manner.
• The municipal manager is responsible, subject to the policy direction of the council, for the management of the administration in accordance with the Systems Act and other applicable legislation. Importantly, the municipal manager is tasked with the implementation of the IDP and the monitoring of its progress.
• S 51(1) Systems Act
• Advising the political structures
• The municipal manager must advise the political structures and office-bearers. Particular issues where the municipal manager must render advice are:
• financial matters;
• issues related to the internal administration, such as human resources matters;
• policy matters; and
• legal and technical matters. There are 5 section 57 managers reporting directly to the Municipal Manager (M.M), these are senior managers of the various departments as reflected below. The Internal Audit unit together with IT Network Technician also reports directly to the

M.M. Municipal Manager – U Malinzi - 046 645 7451 -

Executive Secretary to the Municipal Manager P Madotyeni - 046 645 7451-