Community Services Department

The community / protection services department consists of a Senior Manager ensuring the smooth functioning of the following units: Auxiliary Services (Protection Services, Traffic Control, E-Natis Fire, Disaster Management, Libraries & Pound Services) Cleansing Service (Parks and Open Spaces, Refuse & Solid Waste Site).

Description of Activities:
•    Waste Management (Refuse removal, Cleansing, Refuse dumps and Solid waste disposal)
•    Impounding and taking care of stray animals
•    Assess disaster damages and compile reports to ensure that assistance is provided to communities, hold workshops and awareness campaigns on how to prevent disasters in the community
•    Fire fighting - Respond to all categories of fire and rescue operations within the municipality and apply life support techniques
•    Safety and Security - Revive and maintain Community Policing Forums & facilitate crime prevention campaigns
•    Traffic and Parking - Enforce laws through observation of violation of traffic rules such as driving offences.
•    Conduct learners and driver’s tests, roadworthiness
•    E-Natis -  Operating hours 08h00 – 14h45
•    Facilities and Amenities
•    Parks and Recreation
•    To identify and maintain parks, recreation centers and gardens
•    Improve landscaping
•    Promote and facilitate recycling and composting

Director: Community Service  – Ms N. Majiba - 046 645 7402 –
Secretary to the Director: Community Service - 046 645 7402-