Budget And Treasury Department

All financials of the municipality are handled in the Mr Mveleli Ngxowadepartment. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the driving force behind the following units: Revenue, Supply Chain, Financial Expenditure and Budget and Treasury Unit.
Description of Activities:
•    Connection and disconnection of services on application
•    Printing and mailing of consumer accounts statements
•    Receiving payments for services from consumers
•    Recording all revenue received and banking
•    Payments of All creditors
•    Recording all payments and keeping records by filling
•    Updating creditors listing monthly
•    Compiling bank reconciliation monthly
•    Capturing and payments of all salaries and allowances
•    Keeping records of all salaries related payments
•    Pay over all deductions from employees to external institutions
•    Issuing and ordering of all stores and material
•    Recording all issues and receipts of stock
•    Reconciling stock issued and received by doing stocktaking annually
•    Projecting future income and expenditure for the municipality
•    Consulting other departments for their needs
•    Public consultations in line with IDP
•    Compiling annual operating and capital budgets
•    Reporting on the status of the budget monthly
•    Completing financial returns for external institutions
•    Compiling annual financial statements
•    Financial Statements
•    Financial Controls
•    Revenue Collection & billing
•    Information Technology
•    Asset Management
•    Supply Chain Management

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mr Mveleli Ngxowa - 046 645 7482 - mngxowa@raymondmhlaba.gov.za
Secretary to the Director: Budget and Treasury Department - 046 645 7482 - yramncwana@raymondmhlaba.gov.za