Mayor Speech


Allow me to take this opportunity and forward our warm and fraternal greetings to everyone. It is important that I salute the solid foundation laid by Cllr Zingiswa Rasmeni when deployed into this crucial seat of government. I fully applaud her capable leadership primarily on the political stability that we continue to enjoy up until this day. It is through her dedication and solid leadership that we continue to preside over an institution that is both politically managed and administrative stable. Having said the above, we must appreciate the opportunity given to us by our political home to lead an important institution such as Raymond Mhlaba Municipality. Our organisation has granted us political authority to be custodians of the interests of the masses of our people, a task we fully accept.

We have been given a total responsibility to be a vehicle upon which hopes, and aspirations of our people must be channelled through. It is equally vital that we remind ourselves that our very own bible which is the Freedom Charter states that “ the people shall govern” and as such we have a duty of ensuring that our people are indeed governing by fully representing them with utmost loyalty and commitment