Council Commitees

Ward Committees are the vehicles through which the notions of a participatory democracy and a representative democracy as outlined in Section 152 of the Constitution become a reality.
•    (a)       may make recommendations on any matter affecting its ward-
(i)         to the ward councillor; or
(ii)        through the ward councillor, to the metro or local council, the executive committee, the executive mayor or the relevant metropolitan sub-council;
•    Advising ward councillors on policy matters affecting wards;
•    Identifying needs and challenges that wards face;
•    Receiving complaints from residents about municipal service delivery; and
•    Communicating information to wards on budgets, IDP’s and service delivery options.

The Municipality has Standing Committee system which consists of the

The Municipality has Executive Committee system which consists of the Mayor and 9 Executive Committee Members, with 6 who serve as Chairpersons of the Standing Committees.

In total, the Municipality has 46 Councillors (23 Ward Councilors and 23 Proportional Representation Councilors).  Councilors are elected to
•    represent local communities on municipal councils,
•    to ensure that municipalities have structures mechanisms of accountability to local communities,
•    and to meet the priority needs of communities by providing services equitably, effectively and sustainably within the means of the municipality.
 In fulfilling this role, Councillors must be accountable to local communities and report back at least quarterly to Constituency