Office of the Chief Whip

Chief WhipThe office of the Chief Whip is administered by Cllr Nonkazimlo Mlamla in her capacity as the Chief Whip of Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality. The role of the Chief Whip of Council covers both the Political and Administrative domains of Council, with an emphasis on the political aspect. The Chief Whip is supported politically by party Whips who are responsible for ensuring that committee meeting form a quorum, that councilors attend meetings and committee meetings and represent their parties in the programming committee.
Below are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Office of the Chief Whip

  • Overall responsibility for management caucus and constituency funds.
  • Management of party staff.
  • Provide support for party caucus meetings and consultations, party study groups, arranging party membership of parliamentary committees and organizing any party balloting that may be required.
  • Allocates seats in the Council;
  • Ensuring that party members attend Council programes, especially for divisions and quorum calls;
  • Working with other Whips, to arrange a replacement (a “pair”) for members who are (or will be) absent from the House;
  • Regularly moving procedural motions such as the motion for closure;
  • Keeping members informed about the business of Municipality. Legislature

Chief Whip – Cllr Nonkazimlo Mlamla
Secretary – Ms Ncumisa Matyhila  - 046 645 7484 –