Municipality Policies

Asset Management Policy, Procedureand Implementation Guide

The MFMA was introduced with the objective of secure sound and sustainable management of the fiscal and financial affairs of Municipalities and their entities.Consistent with the regulatory framework in which the Municipality operates, it is important that An Asset Management Policy should promote efficient and effective management, monitoring and control of assets and the objectives of having an Asset Management Policy are:

Cash Management and Investment Policy

The objectives of the Cash Management and Investment Policy of the Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality are as follows:

- Ensuring that cash resources are managed efficiently and effectively,

- Ensuring that investments are placed with reputable institutions, for the purpose of safety of capital investment, and diversification of the Investment Portfolio,

- Ensuring that adequate liquidity is maintained at all times, for management of cash flows,

Customer Care Policy

The purpose of this Customer Care Policy is to guide the actions of staff when dealing with our customers.

Our VISION of service culture embraces the belief that as a family “we belong, we care, we serve”; where employees are professional and efficient; where customers receive services in facilities that are appealing and close to where they live; where people are treated with friendliness, dignity, respect and courtesy; where systems and procedures are consistent across all municipal offices and demand as little time and effort of customers as possible.

Rates Policy 2020 - 2021

The purpose of this policy is to allow the Council to exercise its power to impose rates within a statutory framework for the purpose of enhancing certainty, uniformity and simplicity, taking into account the historical imbalances within communities, as well as the burden of rates on the poor.

As trustees on behalf of the local community, the Council shall adhere to its statutory and moral obligation to ensure that it implements this policy in a manner which safeguards the monetary value and future service provision invested in property.

Revenue Manger Procedures Manual

This manual is for the use of the Raymond Mhlaba local Municipality. Whilst this manual has been prepared to cover the essential finance business cycles of Raymond Mhlaba , it might not represent an exhaustive list of financial matters that require the Chief Finance Officer’s attention. This manual represents the envisaged controls and procedures aligned with the FMS, taking into account the current staff compliment.

Tarrif Policy

A tariff policy must be compiled, adopted and implemented in terms of Section 74 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 2000, such policy to cover, among other things, the levying of fees for municipal services provided by the municipality itself or by way of service delivery agreements.